Shenzhen Sinosun Technology Co., Ltd.

Quality assurance and control system 
Research and development quality: strictly comply with national standard and industrial and military standard, we will carry out standard management in the product development process. And more, in the product development stages of the system test and experiment, we can ensure that the high quality of products’ design and output.
Incoming material quality: we establish a long-term stable cooperative relationships with the international first-class components suppliers (NS, FREESCAL, ADI, LT, Mitsubishi, etc), at same time ,we will carry through a strict incoming inspection.
Production quality: using advanced patch equipment, we will do strictly manufacturing process control and process control, and all products should experience the relevant sampling the reliability test and the output inspection before leaving the factory.
Quality improvement: usually, holding improvement activities, t reasonable suggestion activities and quality team activities, and constantly improve the quality of project and product.

Reliability test
High temperature testing: under a certain temperature, humidity and test time, repeatedly do circulation experiment and test to validate product appearance, mechanical and electrical performance requirements.
Low temperature test: to validate that the products won’t present physical damage or slow performance in the process of storage and operation at low temperature.
Temperature concussion test: to validate performance of products will not be affected after products undergo repeatedly and circularly temperature sharp sharp temperature changes.

Low temperature testQuality Assurance(图1)
The rain test: to validate that products have ability to work normally when they are exposed in conditions of water leakage because of condensation or leakage on the surface.
Hot and humid test: according to cyclic changes under different temperature and humidity in different time intervals, to validate the resistance ability of products about damp and hot air.
Salt spray test:to validate the resistance ability of products about water salt fog and atmospheric influence.
Sand dust test:at a certain temperature and humidity conditions, adjusting air speed and dust particle concentration, maintaining a certain amount of time and cyclic test to validate the resistance to ability of products that about exposure in the atmosphere full of dry sand or dust.

Vibration testQuality Assurance(图2)
The vibration test:Making products separately in the stable frequency and random frequency of high strength of vibration according to the regulation of power to verify the performance of products in the process of shipping and using as well as the stability of the internal structure.
The drop test: Making products or product transportation boxes doing repeatedly free fall experiments with different sides and angles towards the platform under assigned height to validate the main function and the ability of mechanical strength against external mechanical forces of products.
The crash test: according to the given shock conditions, making products present the actual resistance ability of mechanical shock under the condition of related mechanical shock performance to validate product's electrical performance and the adaptability of mechanical structure.
The sun radiation test: exposure to sunlight in accordance with the prescribed time, temperature and strength and through the cycle of provision to validate product’s resistance ability about radiation in long exposure.