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---Leading manufacturer of industrial wireless data radios

Shenzhen Sinosun Technology Co.,Ltd. has engaged in wireless data transmission services from 1996, such as, products development, applications and network engineering.
In the past decade, on the base of absorbing leading technigue in the world industry in wireless data transmission equipment, depending on applied characteristics in different fields and relying on the power of domestic famous universities and research institutes. At present,Sinosun develop and produce the most advanced digital data radio, smart data radio, digital data module, high-speed frequency hopping radio, industrial wireless Ethernet, network HD video radio/module, AD-HOC/MESH self organizing mesh network, GNSS/RTK wireless data link, industrial wireless remote I/O, handheld mobile data & voice transceiver, Bi-Directional RF power amplifier, voice coder-decoder, multi-serial port complex connection, point to multipoint address encoding module and other series products, which are widely used in oil/gas, water/ electricity, power/heating network/coal gas/railway/transportation, street light/earthquake/weather/environmental protection, the data acquisition control and GPS, surveying, finance, metallurgy/ chemical industry and industrial process control automation, industrial wireless Ethernet networks, long-distance video transmission, drones/ unmanned ship/unmanned vehicle and the multi path wireless data link that robot control.
Providing high quality, reasonable price products and professional, perfect service is the basic of being a leader in our field. And the spirit of positive development and innovation are our motive force of continuous development. The unchangeable direction for us is that providing advanced technology, reliable quality and reasonable price of wireless data transmission products for factory control automation.