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Wireless Broadband/Narrowband MESH
(Centerless, MP2MP, Dynamic Routing/Multi-hop Relay, Network & Serial & Voice)
Data Link/HD Video/Industrial Wireless Networks
(Master-Slave,P2P/P2MP/Relay, Network & Serial)
Wireless Data Transmission
(Conventional/Frequency Hopping, Broadcasting, Transparent Transmission, Serial)

MimoMesh Broadband Radio

Beamforming/Space Diversity/Spatial Multiplexing,Reach More Than Twice Range

IP67 Rugged Handheld Design For MESH Networking In Harsh Environments

Handheld/Backpack Radio 2Watts×2/10Watts×2 RF Out , 10/12 Hours Or More Battery Life, Cool Design

Airborne/Vehicular Radio 2Watts×2/10Watts×2  RF Out , Maximum 20watts×2 RF Out

Dual Band Radio, Free To Choose Different Working Frequency Band, Adapt To Complex Terrain Environment And Electromagnetic Environment

Push To Talk With Built-in High Fidelity (G.722)

Throughput Over 180Mbps

The Latest Generation Of MimoMesh Wireless Broadband MESH

RF performance:

Mesh network (self-forming, self-adapting ,self-healing), high-speed throughput

Non-visual urban construction、jungle multi-path transmission terrain, effective connection

High-speed movement of ground, water and air, effective connection

Multiple antenna settings, omnidirectional, high gain orientation or mixing

GPS/BD and Multicast Support


Increased 4.5 times coverage in densely populated areas

Increase the range by 2 times in the visible limit environment

Increase 2-4 times data transmission rate

The same communication range and transmission data rate, reducing transmission power by 2 times

Significant applications in Non Line of Sight /Multipath Fading environments, video/data/voice 

critical ommunications:

Robot / Unmanned Vehicle, Reconnaissance / Surveillance / Anti-Terrorism / Monitoring

Air-to-air & air-to-ground & ground-to-ground, public safety / special operations

Urban network, emergency support / normal patrol / traffic management

Inside and outside the building, fire fighting / rescue and disaster relief / forest / civil air defense / earthquake

TV broadcast wireless audio / video / live broadcast

Marine communication / high speed transmission on the opposite side of the ship

Low deck wireless network / ship landing

Mine / tunnel / basement connection