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SmartMesh Broadband Radio

The SmartMesh Broadband Mesh Radio utilizes the latest generation of radio communication network technology and the most advanced devices with high speed processing, high integration and low power consumption. It is compact in design and can be used hand-held, backpack, vehicular, airborne or built in for integrated use with a maximum of 6 watts/30 watts/20 watts/40 watts of transmitting power,realizing remote broadband wireless data transmission and the most powerful and flexible networking.

This series of products for users, at the top, underground, large complex urban complex building, and earthquakes, floods, landslides and other major catastrophic natural disaster accident rescue under complicated environment, rapid automatic forming a flexible and reliable dynamic routing/jump relay multipoint to multipoint no centre, self-organizing mesh wireless communication network, It provides fast and flexible special wireless communication for hd video, intercom voice, IP network/serial asynchronous data and other services, provides key emergency communication for field joint operation command, and powerful comprehensive data link for uav, unmanned vehicle and other intelligent equipment.

RF performance:

  • One button boot, set up anywhere.Long distance, high throughput

  • Anti interference COFDM / broadband carrier frequency hopping can improve link quality in complex RF environment

  • Excellent multipath and NLOS performance

  • Adaptive radio modulation from QPSK to 64QAM is continuously optimized per packet to optimize link performance in dynamic environments

  • Software defines channel sizes for efficient reuse of spectrum

  • The software defines the operating frequency of the global application

  • Convolution coding, forward error correction (FEC), ACK retransmission, maximum ratio merge, spatial multiplexing, and space-time block coding are used for robust data transmission over noise spectrum

  • Time Division Duplex (TDD) for Bidirectional Transmission

Network performance:

  • Self-organizing, self-healing mobile Mesh networks, multi-hop routing, dynamic topology

  • Ultra-Reliable Low Delay Channel for Command and Control (URLLC)

  • Optimizing video streaming media channels on the same wireless link

  • End-to-end IP architecture for unicast and multicast traffic

  • Data transmitted over the air can be encrypted with up to 256-bit AES

  • ake advantage of the most advanced and scalable OpenWrt ecosystem

  • Embedded network management APIs


  • Minimum Size, Weight, and Power(SWAP) for Mobile Device Applications 

  • Ethernet and UART interfaces can be easily integrated into different system architectures

  • Rugged earthquake-resistant construction MIL-STD-202G, industrial temperature range

SmartMesh Broadband Radio(图1)

SmartMesh Broadband Radio(图2)