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NBMesh Narrowband AD Hoc Network Radio

NBmesh series narrowband ad-hoc network radio/module is suitable for distributed network scenarios where the service rate is not high, the transmission distance is long, and the transmission range is based on multi-hop relay.The topology is a multi-hop network, which is composed of several distribution nodes.The structure is compact, light, single board design, convenient for users to integrate into various types of terminal equipment, to achieve stable and reliable long-distance data transmission.

NBMesh series narrowband ad hoc network radio/module, support point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multi-point-to-multipoint dynamic routing, multi-hop relay wireless data transmission, used in UAV clusters, armed police fire control command, emergency rescue Emergency communication command, ship formation maritime communication, forest fire prevention self-organizing network communication.


  • Long transmission distance,Strong anti-jamming ability

  • Adaptability to mobile environment

  • The application layer supports all kinds of Serial port/Network port application terminals

  • Support rapid deployment, network topology dynamic change,self-organization without center networking and multi-hop forwarding

  • Receiving sensitivity up to -117dBm@250KHz BW

  • Adaptive data transmission capability, which can adaptively select modulation mode and coding mode according toenvironmental changes, and carry out adaptive data rate transmission

  • Flexible and efficient networking capabilities, support dynamic time slot TDMA protocol, CSMA protocol, centralized measurement and control service scenarios with more than 6 hops and voice services

  • No need to configure IP address and driver, seamless compatibility with upper-level TCP, UDP protocol, can achieve voice, file and other data transparent interaction