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Wireless Digital Data Link

The new DDL series wireless digital data link is a low-cost long-distance video&data transmission product with small size, light weight, 2X2 MIMO, complete functions and rich frequency bands. DDL series based on SDR software defined radio platform with 2X2 MIMO, It adopts Beamforming, Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC), Maximal Likelihood(ML) algorithm, low density parity check (LDPC) coding, intelligent frequency selection and autonomous frequency hopping technology to achieve strong radio frequency performance and strong anti-jamming.

DDL series data link radio provides ultra-long distance, low latency, bidirectional multi-channel network video&data&voice integrated wireless transmission. The world's leading code-modulated physical layer waveform technology and flexible anti-jamming and secure encryption design for the unmanned field are applied to reliable remote data links for UAVs, helicopters, robots, unmanned ships, unmanned vehicles and special vehicles.

The application system is mainly composed of the airborne radio with the airborne camera, and the ground radio with the ground computer, as well as the necessary accessories (including power supply, antenna feed system, connection lines and connectors, etc.).

The system can simultaneously transmit three IP/HDMI/SDI/CVBS HD video and multiple two-way transparent data (such as flight control/pod, Beidou /GPS, voice, etc.). AES encryption ensures transmission security.

Radio the transmission power of the station can reach up to 40W, providing a stable and reliable communication link.


  • 400M/600M/800M/900M/1.4G/2.3G/2.4G/5.8GHz, transmitting power can be change, support NLOS high speed  mobile transmission, open transmission distance of more than 50 km。

  • 70Mbps data stream, adaptive dynamic bit allocation technique. Support one way 4K, multi way 1080P or 720P HD video.

  • 3 serial port and 2 video interface running at the same time, flight controller, voice, GPS and other data can transmit with video.

  • Support PtoP, PtoMP, MPtoMP technique,centerless of no-master/slave.Support VLAN.

  • Local diagnostic interface, telnet, network management. Local and remote wireless firmware update through FTP.

  • Low power consumption. Tiny volume, lightweight structure, body building for UAV.