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pMDDL Series of New Wireless Digital Data Link

The new pMDDL(DDL/pDDL) digital data link is a new high power OEM product with small size, light weight, 2X2 MIMO, complete functions and rich frequency bands. The pMDDL(DDL/pDDL) series of 2X2 MIMO wireless digital OEM solutions provides low latency, high bandwidth, long distance communication services for complex data-intensive applications. pMDDL(DDL/pDDL) series products are equipped with 2X2 MIMO, using Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC), Maximal Likity (ML) algorithm, low density parity (LDPC) coding and other technologies to achieve powerful RF performance. pMDDL(DDL/pDDL) series products have outstanding security performance, Ethernet and serial data can communicate at the same time.


Powerful 2x2 MIMO 600M/900M/1.4G/1.6G/1.8G/2.0G/2.3GHz

Maximal Ratio Combining(MRC)、Maximal Likelihood Decoding(MLD)

Low-Density Parity Check(LDPC)

IPerf throughput up to 25Mbps@8MHz channel (-78 dBm)

IPerf throughput up to 2Mbps@4MHz channel (-102 dBm)

Super light, super small size

Serial communication port

Dual 10/100 network port (LAN/WAN)

Support for point-to-point, Point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint networks

Master/slave, no-central Mesh

Transmitting power adjustable (up to 1 watt)

Can be connected through local control port, remote login and web browser

Local and remote wireless upgrades via FTP


pMDDL Series of New Wireless Digital Data Link(图1)

pMDDL Series of New Wireless Digital Data Link(图2)