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Wireless Broadband/Narrowband MESH
(Centerless, MP2MP, Dynamic Routing/Multi-hop Relay, Network & Serial & Voice)
Data Link/HD Video/Industrial Wireless Networks
(Master-Slave,P2P/P2MP/Relay, Network & Serial)
Wireless Data Transmission
(Conventional/Frequency Hopping, Broadcasting, Transparent Transmission, Serial)

SCADA Series of Digital Data Radio

WDS...Global wireless solutions. Industrial Wireless Performance.
For over 15 years Wireless Data Systems has been providing wireless networking solutions with applications  in  SCADA telemetry telecommunications and online transaction markets.WDS provides licensed and unlicensed solutions with more than 50000 radios installed in over 10 countries. WDS Transceiver Series Over view
The WDS Transceiver Seriesis a price/performance leader in licensed radios in the108-174MHz220-222MHz330-512MHzand 800-960MHz frequency ranges.They provide increased throughputand longer-range for multiple address systems.Transparent and direct  asynchronous communication offers real-time communication. No extra software or programming is needed to implement communications using standard asynchronous protocols.A general purpose (unconditioned) digital output is available.
The Transceiver Series is field configurable  as a master station or remote radio.They can operate as a half-duplex or  simplex radio. They support all splits in duplex frequencies.When operating as a master stationfull network diagnostics are available. Simplex mode permits peer-to-peer radio  communications.This product is available for use in Class IDivision 2Groups AB C & D hazardous locations.*


High Performance–Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Engine

Flexibility–Single Unit Configurable as Master or  Remote Radio

Compatibility –Inter-Operable Versions Available for use with Existing MDS 2000,MDS 4000 Series Radios 


Gas/oil production and distribution

Water,gas and electric utilities 


Traffic control

Industrial process control

Railroad communication systems