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Super LoRa Series of Network & Serial Radio

Smart secure industry-leading speed licensed point-to-multipoint SCADA communications for industrial monitoring and control for the electricity water oil and gas industries


High capacity: to meet the growing number of data-intensive applications in the SCADA environment, the Super-LoRa provides data rates of up to 216 kbit/s in 50 kHz licensed channels.

Secure: with its defense in depth approach, including AES encryption, authentication, address filtering and user access control including RADIUS, the Super-LoRa protects against vulnerabilities and malicious attacks.

Future-proof: the Super-LoRa supports multiple serial and Ethernet interfaces in a single, compact form factor, and is standards-based for long term incorporation into SCADA networks while protecting the legacy investment in serial devices.

Advanced L2 / L3 capabilities: selectable L2 Bridge or L3 Router modes, with VLAN, advanced QoS,filtering and IP header and payload compression attributes to support narrow bandwidth channels and mission critical traffic while meeting increasing security and IP network policy requirements. Advanced payload and Ethernet / IP / TCP / UDP header compression.

Adaptable: the Super-LoRa integrates into a range of network topologies, with each unit configurable as a master station, repeater or remote station; connect multiple RTUs / PLCs to a single radio.

Flexible interfaces: the data interfaces can be configured for serial or Ethernet operation; a range of options are supported, including two serial and two Ethernet, one serial and three Ethernet, or four Ethernet ports. Support for NMEA GPS receiver option.

Link efficiency: Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) and forward error correction maintains the integrity of the wireless connection while an effective channel access scheme and IP routing ensures efficient transfer of data across the Super-LoRa network.

Reliable and robust: the Aprisa SR+ requires no manual component tuning and maintains its high power output and performance over a wide temperature range.

Easily managed: an easy to use GUI supports local element management via HTTPS and remote element management over the air and SNMP support allows network-wide monitoring and control via a variety ofsupported third party network management systems.