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Wireless Broadband/Narrowband MESH
(Centerless, MP2MP, Dynamic Routing/Multi-hop Relay, Network & Serial & Voice)
Data Link/HD Video/Industrial Wireless Networks
(Master-Slave,P2P/P2MP/Relay, Network & Serial)
Wireless Data Transmission
(Conventional/Frequency Hopping, Broadcasting, Transparent Transmission, Serial)

DATA Series of Smart Data Radio/TRX Series of General Data Transmission Module

WDS...Global wireless solutions. Industrial Wireless Performance.
For over 10 years Wireless Data Systems(WDS) has been providing wireless networking solutions with applications  in  SCADA telemetry telecommunications and online transaction markets.WDS provides licensed and unlicensed solutions with more than 50000 radios installed in over 10countries.
DATA Series Product Over view
The DATA series product is complete family of value priced radios for private point-multipoint SCADA and other telemetry applications.They operate at the 130-174MHz220-222MHz330-512MHz frequency bands.The DATA series are available as board level product or as a packaged unit.The board level product allows Lottery Terminal.The packaged unit comes in a small case that is ready to plug in poweran antenna and your terminal device.
The DATA Series transceivers are designed to help you reduce overall communica-tions cost by providing low power consumptionsmall size and an inexpensive RF connector. All DATA series models are available for private labeling.


DATA series quality and performance    in a value priced data transceiver

Worldwide product

FCC and IC 400 MHz

ETSI 400 MHz(4800 bps)

SRRC IDH99FJ0 138 200MHz China

Small size for internal integration as OEM product

9600bps throughput and

Low current consumption and sleep modes for solar powered applications

Flash memory software storage for futuer upgrades

Keys on data

Keyline output for keying external devices on receive

Noise-free squelch

CD for CSMA applications

Easy integration into any OEM equipment

Configures via HHT,WDS Configuration Software or OEM processor