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SDR400 Series of High Speed Frequency Hopping Radio/Module

The SDR400 series of high-speed FM radio stations (modules) based on software radio (SDR) technology provide a small reliable and reliable remote communication solution for low-cost space-constrained applications. The same station (module) can be set to select the work in the 400 / 900MHz or 800MHz band.
SDR400 series of high-speed frequency hopping digital radio (module) with long-range high-speed reliable low latency and secure data communication advantages. Supports full duplex serial communication and diagnostic communication. SDR400 series of high-speed frequency hopping digital radio (module) has a very high noise suppression interference exclusion and flexible frequency synthesis digital modulation and matched filter detection technology.
SDR400 series of high-speed frequency hopping digital radio (module) super-class performance and technical indicators excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference and reliable communication capabilities and advanced encryption communication function is the industry's leading super digital transmission products.


Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, TDMA, store forwarding, roaming

The software can be set to select the 400 / 900MHz or 800MHz        operating frequency band

Air speed up to 345kbps (@ 900MHz)

Ultra low noise and interference suppression 4-level filtering

Transmit power 2 W / 5 W / 25 W (adjustable)

32-bit CRC with retransmission, selectable forward error correction

Independent diagnostic port - real-time remote diagnostics and wireless network control

Low power consumption of sleep and perception modes

Industrial temperature range

Very small size

Aviation, military grade connection plug package options

Compatible with Microhard N920F

Compatible with PCC, Trimble, Satel GNSS / RTK data link protocol