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Wireless Broadband/Narrowband MESH
(Centerless, MP2MP, Dynamic Routing/Multi-hop Relay, Network & Serial & Voice)
Data Link/HD Video/Industrial Wireless Networks
(Master-Slave,P2P/P2MP/Relay, Network & Serial)
Wireless Data Transmission
(Conventional/Frequency Hopping, Broadcasting, Transparent Transmission, Serial)

FGR2(MM2)/NANO Series of High Speed Frequency Hopping Radio/Module

MM2 radio has been designed to provide the performancereliabilityand quality that our customers have come to know and expect in our products in our products in a MM2"Mega-Mini" from factor for applications where space is at a premium.The MM2 has all of the functionality of the larger footprint FGR Series of radios.


Improved Low Signal Performance:RISC - based signal demodulation with matched filter.

Versatility:A single radio can operate as a master,slave,reperater,or slave/repeater.

Unparalleled Signal Performance:GaAs FEI RF front end with multistage SAW filtering has unmatched combination of overload immunity and sensitivity.

High Noise Immunity:Superior perfor- mance in noise congested environments.

TDMA:Time Divisible Multiple Access available.

115.2 - 153.6kbps

Secure:Proprietary spread spectrum technology prevents detection and unauthorized access;128 bit AES encryption available*.

Reliability:Every radio 100% tested for RF performance from -40℃ to +85℃.

Size & Performance:Smallest data radio with the highest performance available.

Low power consumption.

UL Approved**