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LoRaData Series Low-Speed Long-Distance Data Transmission Radio /Module

LoRaData series low-speed long-distance data transmission radio / module is designed for low-speed and long-distance transmission applications. The product adopts Lora spread spectrum technology, variable spread spectrum factor to improve the system capacity of the whole network. Using efficient cyclic interleaving error correction coding. It has good anti-interference ability and penetration ability, can cover a radius of 10-50/1-10 kilometers, and can easily build a city-level IoT network.
LoRaData series low-speed and long-distance digital radio/module provides multiple channel options, various parameters such as serial port baud rate, module transmit power, module air rate, etc. can be modified through AT commands.LoRaData series low-speed and long-distance data transmission radio/module can transparently transmit user data. Users do not need to write complicated settings and transmission programs, allowing users to focus on the realization of system functions and avoid tedious register operations.

Performance Characteristics:

Using the latest LoRa technology, farther than traditional digital radio, more powerful performance

Using military-grade LoRa modulation technology, with data encryption, sub-packet length can be set

Large single package, single package supports up to 240 bytes, adapted to Modbus protocol

Supports data transmission rate of 300 to 9600bps

Support communication key function, effectively prevent data from being intercepted

It can realize multi-level relay networking, effectively expand the communication distance, and realize ultra-long-distance communication

Using temperature compensation circuit, frequency stability is better than ±1.5PPM

Operating temperature range: -40℃~ +85℃

Lightweight, easy to install, good heat dissipation, perfect shielding design, good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability


Wireless sensor

Vehicle management

Security and alarm

Intelligent outdoor lighting

Wireless meter reading

Automatic data acquisition

Industrial remote control and telemetry

Cold chain data monitoring

Mine oil control equipment

Remote control of field data