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COFDM Series Long DistanceHD Video Transmission Radio

COFDM series long-distance HD video transmission radio is our company's development and production of long distance, low delay, unidirectional high-definition video transmission and bidirectional high-speed data transmission radio for the demand of Long-distance video transmission. The radio uses advanced SCFDE broadband modulation and demodulation and LDPC error correction codec technology, significantly improve the transmission distance and image quality of the radio, suitable for non-line-of-sight and high-speed mobile transmission, the airborne transmitter adopts a compact and portable heat dissipation structure design, which is convenient for the installation and use of drones. The airborne transmitter has a built-in 1 watt/5 watt linear power amplifier with a flying altitude of more than 100 meters, and can transmit 20 kilometers/50 kilometers or more distance without obstruction.

The COFDM series long-distance HD video transmission radio, it is very suitable for reconnaissance, public security / fire protection / traffic / emergency rescue, customs border defense / maritime surveillance inspection, real-time broadcast / on-site monitoring, power line inspection / pipeline inspection, plant protection and other drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, industrial and commercial unmanned aerial vehicles Aircraft, high-end consumer drones, it is suitable for high-quality real-time mobile video transmission in complex environments such as urban areas, seas, and mountains.

Product Features:

Long-distance transmission: 1w/5w radio, with a visible distance of 20 kilometers /50 kilometers

Super anti-multipath ability, used in complex operating environment, support high-speed movement. (More than 600 kilometers per hour)

Broadcasting level / surveillance level HD video encoding: HDMI/HD-SDI/CVBS adaptive,4K/1080P/1080i/720P/576P adaptive

Bandwidth 2/4/8MHz adjustable: multi-bandwidth, multi-bit rate, multi-mode

Multiple encryption to avoid illegal reception

Small modular design: small size, light weight, easy to integrate and use

Low power consumption, low heat

Built-in bidirectional data transmission module: 410-480/840-845/902-928MHz,  3.6-19.2kbps conventional/19.2-230.4kbps frequency hopping, 1-2w,  TTL/232/485/422, 3.3-30VDC