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COFDM-2 Series of Ultra-Long-Distance Dual HD Video Transmission Radio

The products are mainly used in technical reconnaissance and evidence collection of public security and safety inspection departments real-time picture transmission of UAV and unmanned ships television broadcast and live broadcast: broadcasting field sports broadcast social news air live broadcast studio mountaineering and exploration etc. It is suitable for real-time mobile transmission of high quality images in complex environment such as urban area sea and mountain area.

Product Features:

 Highly integrated, modular combined design

 Adopt COFDM modulation technology, H.265 dual TS stream image coding technology

 It can transmit one HDMI signal and one CVBS signal at the same time (can also choose a single video at will), and the highest unidirectional data is 230.4kbps

 Low latency, end-to-end latency is less than 230ms

 Non-line-of-sight (NLOS) mobile transmission, the distance is more than 20km under the condition of line-of-sight

 High-speed communication between traveling, the maximum moving speed can reach 600km/h (measured)

 Synchronous reception of audio and video signals, HDMI1080P multi-format optional, SD output DVD video quality

 The receiving end can display two interface on a single screen, or freely choose to display A/B interface

 The receiver can record and store video

 128 bit AES encryption and decryption

 Heat sink aluminum shell, shockproof and shock resistant

 Can provide customized solutions according to customer needs

COFDM-2 Series of Ultra-Long-Distance Dual HD Video Transmission Radio(图1)COFDM-2 Series of Ultra-Long-Distance Dual HD Video Transmission Radio(图2)