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Video/Voice/Data Three-In-One Module/Enclosed

Transmission of quality video from unmanned air and ground vehicles is essential to counter today’s security threats. The DL MicroTM digital data link offers signiicant advantages for these sensor platforms.
This OEM module uniquely combines H.264 encoding and an IP-based digital data link with the fundamental benefits of image stabilization. Weighing only 46 grams the module is also incredibly light compact and power efficientmaking it ideal for SWaP-constrained applications.
The DL Micro digital link maximizes image quality for better compression.Without image stabilization video from moving vehicles is shaky making it hard for operators to interpret images. Critical information can become ambiguous or compromised. And worse image shake wreaks havoc on data compression stealing bandwidth away from detail. With the DL Micro digital data link video becomes easier to transmit. Decision-making becomes faster and more accurate.


Improves efficiency of industry- standard H.264 encoding

Uses SRI Sarnoff’s proven electronic image stabilization technology

Performs edge sharpening and contrast enhancement

Corrects for translation, rotation, and scale motion

Serial communication through UART and I2C

Employs web-based configuration manager 

Integrates easily with existing networks: IP-based

Accommodates SWaP-constrained platforms –Ultra-small, ultra-light:46 g, including transmitter  –Low power consumption: 6W typical, transmitting

Interfaces with standard digital and analog camera modules

Incorporates Microhard Systems’ IPnDDL transmitter and  receiver for video and data


Video/Voice/Data Three-In-One Module/Enclosed(图1)