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Network Management Software

Insite wireless system network software is a very valuable tool software, it can use a PC, the entire multi-access system base station, remote station, relay station, and point to point system monitoring control. It is convenient to monitor the operating state of the whole system radio station in the office. System maintenance and parameter modification do not need to go to the site, it can work remotely through this software. Can in the network system any site (master, relay, remote) can use Insite network management function for management and monitoring.
NETview MS is a high-performance, easy-to-operate network management system. It can perform remote monitoring, alarm management, remote configuration, etc. for the entire line of products and other SNMP-based products, reducing the management and maintenance costs of the entire wireless network.
NETview MS provides a complete set of network management tools that can dynamically manage the entire wireless communication network. Based on the SNMP protocol, the software can quickly configure each device in the network, monitor the operating status of the entire network, and detect and correct problems in the network. Through the built-in SNMP agent and WEB server gateway, NETview can manage the entire network and all devices in the network based on network transmission or transparent transmission. If the user has already used SNMP-based network management, NETview can be easily integrated into the user's existing network and enhance the network management function.

INSITE features:
HTML Web Server
Have the diagnostic function of the network
Non-relay each alarm, diagnostic polling
Alerts can be sent using Internet mail and network pagers
Graphical display mode
All data can be obtained through OPC, DDE, ODBC list file, diagram interface
NetView MS Product Features:
Manage all line products and other IP devices
Preset alarm/error message warning notifications
Remote network configuration
Network structure and performance monitoring
Standards-based network management protocol - easy integration
The use of Client/Server structure, can be far away from any endpoint control
Support for Java language
Multilevel network architecture
Chart display - easy to use
Manually/automatically discover and generate network topology
Event logs/configuration information is available online
Configuration/assertion orientation