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Mesh Portable Command Box/Command Dispatch Desk

Mesh portable command box/command dispatching station integrates MimoMesh/SmartMesh remote broadband AD hoc network radio, Developed by advanced technologies such as mobile communication, Internet, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, this application system integrates command and dispatch, multi-network integration, smart wearable device access, broadband and narrow band terminal access integration, platform sharing and sharing, intelligent management, etc. It has the advantages of flexible networking, rich interfaces, efficient and intelligent, mobile and portable, simple operation, etc. It can be widely used in emergency communications, unmanned systems, rescue and disaster relief, public security control, armed police anti-terrorism, fire rescue, electric power repair and other industries. Temporary command centers can be quickly established at the scene of various emergencies, and timely access to the rear command platform, truly realizing local linkage and multi-level command dispatch management of center interaction.


  • There is no central network, nodes automatically select paths, and the networking mode is flexible

  • Rich frequency band, long communication distance, high bandwidth

  • There are a variety of anti-interference methods: support frequency hopping, intelligent frequency selection

  • Multiple encryption modes are available: AES DES

  • Powerful radio with beamforming/spatial diversity/spatial multiplexing for more than twice the transmission distance

  • IP67 waterproof and rugged carrying case design for MESH networks in harsh environments

  • Built-in high fidelity (G.722) intercom calls

  • More than 100Mbps throughput

  • Multi-service, multi-terminal access integration, distributed management, strong applicability, high scalability

  • Portable design, lightweight and portable, ready to use 

  • Ultra-thin three-screen design, foldable, according to the software function to display the map, scheduling, video three-screen images at the same time, so that the field commander can grasp the overall situation from multiple angles 

  • Support independent power supply, equipped with detachable large-capacity lithium battery, fast charging, and support mains, generator and vehicle power supply at the same time 

  • Support broadband ad hoc network, public network 4G/5G, LTE private network, Wi-Fi, wired network, satellite network and other link access, and transmit on-site information to the rear command center 

  • Professional-quality user graphical interface; advanced audio and video processing technology to ensure high-quality voice and video quality; user information collection and display through accurate GIS positioning; support for simultaneous multi-channel video preview and distribution; road calls; voice scheduling, video scheduling and GIS scheduling use an integrated interface, which is convenient to operate; supports video browsing, picture capture, video playback, voice intercom, alarm linkage, electronic maps, etc. 

  • The whole machine adopts a shock-absorbing and anti-vibration design all around, and adopts the original hard  disk shock-absorbing technology, which makes the data operation more secure.