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Mesh Portable Command Box/Command Dispatch Desk

Mesh portable command box/dispatching podium, integrating single-screen/three-screen computer, MESH ad hoc network radio, audio and video management and dispatching, battery, and emergency portable box. It is used for on-site command and dispatch of various services such as voice dispatch, video dispatch, and data information. It has unified presentation, unified management, and provides high-definition display functions. The screen can be projected to the rear headquarters large screen system. 


  • Portable design, lightweight and portable, ready to use 
  • High-strength machining design, all-aluminum-magnesium alloy/carbon fiber body, CNC one-piece forming. The surface is treated with anti-scratch coating, EMI/RF protection layer, and the C surface is water-resistant 

  • Ultra-thin three-screen design, foldable, according to the software function to display the map, scheduling, video three-screen images at the same time, so that the field commander can grasp the overall situation from multiple angles 

  • Support independent power supply, equipped with detachable large-capacity lithium battery, fast charging, and support mains, generator and vehicle power supply at the same time 

  • Support external MIC, earphone, multiple voice input and output; support network port, WiFi, HDMI, multiple high-definition video input and output 

  • Support broadband ad hoc network, public network 4G/5G, LTE private network, Wi-Fi, wired network, satellite network and other link access, and transmit on-site information to the rear command center 

  • Windows10 64-bit operating system, 15.6-inch*3 display screen, Intel 8-core high-performance host, 32G memory, 1TB solid state drive, Leadtek P620-2G discrete graphics card, built-in speakers, built-in WiFi, support 802.11 b/g/n, 2 Gigabit Ethernet port, 1 HDMI output interface, 4 USB ports, 1 audio interface, 1 power interface 

  • Professional-quality user graphical interface; advanced audio and video processing technology to ensure high-quality voice and video quality; user information collection and display through accurate GIS positioning; support for simultaneous multi-channel video preview and distribution; road calls; voice scheduling, video scheduling and GIS scheduling use an integrated interface, which is convenient to operate; supports video browsing, picture capture, video playback, voice intercom, alarm linkage, electronic maps, etc. 

  • 392*290*84/440*321*152mm, 9/12kg (including 14.8V/16AH battery with 3 hours of battery life, 19V power adapter) 

  • Working temperature: 0~45℃, storage temperature: -20~65℃ (no condensation), working humidity: 10%~90% relative humidity, no condensation 

  • Vibration: 5-17Hz, 0.1 inch double peak displacement, 17-640Hz, 1.56 peak per peak; Shock: 10G peak per peak acceleration, sustainable 15MS in X, Y, Z axis directions; EMC: 3C/CE/FCC Class A 

  • The whole machine adopts a shock-absorbing and anti-vibration design all around, and adopts the original hard disk shock-absorbing technology, which makes the data operation more secure. 

Mesh Portable Command Box/Command Dispatch Desk(图1)