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Wireless Broadband/Narrowband MESH
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Mesh Deployment Camera

Mesh mobile deployment camera integrates high-definition camera and broadband mesh network module to realize video surveillance, mobile deployment and control, and long-distancewireless transmission of mesh network. 


  • Built-in high-performance wireless broadband mesh network module, 4G public network/WiFi AP/RJ45 optional

  • HD waterproof camera, with high-performance progressive scan CMOS sensor and high-performance multimedia processor, embedded Linux system

  • H.265 video encoding, support dual stream, resolution 1920×1080/1280*720 25fps/30fps 

  • 360° rotation in the horizontal direction and -15°~90° in the vertical direction. Optical zoom 30X, 20X optional, digital zoom 20 times. 256 preset points, 3D noise reduction, anti-shake, auto focus, auto white balance, backlight compensation

  • Laser ranging, 1km night laser fill light, dazzling bird repelling function/navigation pointing function optional

  • You can watch 2~10 kilometers, and you can combine optical fog and electronic fog during the day

  • Day and night conversion mode ICR infrared filter type, infrared distance 60-80m

  • Support fog penetration, backlight compensation, minimum illumination color: 0.05Lux@(F1.6,AGCON), black and white: 0.01Lux@(F1.6,AGCON) 

  • 128G SD card  

  • Beidou/GPS positioning system, support 802.1b/g/n

  • Frequency range 500-700/1300-1500MHz, wideband 5/10/20MHz adjustable

  • Transmission rate peak 100Mbps@20MHz

  • Receive sensitivity -103dBm@5MHz, transmit power 4 watts (adjustable), transmission distance > 30 kilometers (line-of-sight)

  • It supports up to 15 hops, the bandwidth does not decrease after 3 hops, supports 128 node networking, and the networking time is less than 1 second 

  • Intelligent frequency selection / wide and narrow frequency hopping anti-jamming

  • One-click boot, no need to configure and change parameters, convenient operation and maintenance

  • Battery 10.4Ah/12V, 8 hours of battery life, average power consumption is less than 30 watts; external mains power is available 

  • Operating temperature -40~+80°, three protection grade IP66, size 274x170mm, weight 3.5kg

  • Spare parts include tripod, charger, composite aviation cable, main antenna, WiFi antenna, packing box